About Us

Lawtutorial.org is a team of legal professionals based in Guwahati. We combined our experience and knowledge to prepare well researched course materials and build a unique teaching methodology aimed at making law study easier and more compatible with your own learning process, whether you are preparing for the judicial services examinations, CLAT Preparation and semester examinations.

Our Mission Statement:

To improve individuals’ performance by building customized exam-focused skills necessary to succeed in the judicial services examinations, CLAT Preparation and semester examinations.

Our endeavour

For most students tutoring in person can be intimidating and uncomfortable and therefore we allow our students to have access to us whenever he or she needs it rather than working around the tutor's schedule by travelling considerable distance spending valuable time which otherwise can be utilized in learning. We provide personalized support system and individual care, dedicated and highly accomplished faculty team who prepare well-researched courseware, simulated and time scaled tests and mocks. Innovative and exciting coaching methodology is our attempt to do well what we do. Today's students are very comfortable using technology to learn. Our online tutoring allows students to interact from the comfort of their own homes which is very conducive to effective learning. With us learning can happen anytime. This flexibility gives access to answers when questions come up--there's no waiting until a scheduled day and time for problem solving.

Our methodology

Our methodology begins with the recognition that in today's crammed classrooms it is impossible for each and every student to successfully understand the concept being taught, meaningfully participate in the discussion, clarify doubt from the teacher and obtain the necessary personalized coaching from the teacher. Furthermore, every student learns differently – what works for others may not work for you. It is not possible for the teacher to give attention to the personal learning need of each student within the short period of time allotted for a class. In addition to all these, hesitation of student to ask question in open classroom to clarify a point on the subject being taught is another aspect which is addressed by us. This is why the first step we take with every student is to customize a program tailored to meet individual needs. Whether you are ready to begin your Semester exam preparation, judicial service exam preparation, CLAT preparation and law exam study now or simply want to know whether individualized tutoring can help improve your performance, please feel free to contact us.

What we offer

All our programs come with materials that we have prepared for your specific needs. Levels of individual feedback and selection of materials vary according to the course you select. Please contact us for a free initial consultation to determine your needs.

Up to date course materials

All our materials are updated based on the up to date law as declared by the apex court, the Gauhati High Court and other High Courts of the country. As and when there is a change of law by virtue of latest pronoucnement of the courts, we will send you the updated and revised parts of the course materials through email attachement so as to replace the old part of the course material which has become obsolete. Of course you do not have to pay for the revised content. We will send it to you free of cost.

Lawtutorial.org is truly transparent

We do not guarantee immediate success. However, we make it a point to see that every student registered with us gets our undivided attention and he or she is able to grasp the core issues/area of the courses he/she undertakes. The condition of most of our law colleges being what it is, we take it upon ourselves to see that on completion of the course the student is no longer afraid to tackle any legal problem that the examinations may be offering.